Challenging times, challenging minds: what we think the sector should be thinking about over the summer

Posted: 15th July 2011

Challenging times, challenging minds: what we think the sector should be thinking about over the summer

It’s been a policy rollercoaster ride this year. And more is still to come. At Altair, we’ve thought about some key questions in our areas of expertise that we think our clients and leaders in the sector should be mulling over in the airport lounge or in the garden this summer.

Strategic Consultancy

Strategy Development:
Customers – do you know them well enough?
Are you really delivering value for money?
What is your strategy?
How will the welfare reform and localism bill affect you and your customers – what are your plans to respond?
How will you deliver everything you want to within a tightening fiscal environment?
Mergers, acquisitions, growth- do you have a view?
Finally, keep a close eye on your risk map, things are changing quickly.

Board effectiveness and board member appraisal:
Now might be the time to think about this before the activity of the autumn business planning is upon us.

For more information, please contact Fiona Underwood, or 07788 643092 or Steve Douglas, or 07810 152840.

Developement and Regeneration

Are you getting ready for Localism?
Local authorities – new responsibilities and powers, are you ready to use them? Developers and housing associations – are you talking to councils and finding out how their plans may affect development opportunities?

The money is in. Providers and authorities alike received significant sums. Are you ready to spend, is your team ready? Congratulations to Guinness – Altair advised on their bid and received £54 million. Also, congratulations to London borough of Ealing who also received funding.

For more information, please contact Chris Wood at or 07392 693292 or Philippa Cartwright, or 07843 022558.

Financial Consultancy

Affordable Housing
– Now you know about the level of your HCA grant allocation, focus on truly understanding the impacts of your foray into affordable housing on allocations, benefits, voids and management.

Long-term Financial Model
– Many changes are occurring within your housing world; changes in tenure, self-financing, universal credit. Is your long-term financial model still fit for purpose in this new world? Reviewing and making any changes now, readies you for an Autumn of strategy, business planning and budgeting.

Component Accounting
– This summer is your last real chance to get to grips with the intricacies of this required change in accounting policy. You need to re-analyse your housing assets within your 2012 statutory accounts in this way and also provide prior year comparisons. Get a wiggle on…

Treasury Review
– How close are you to your covenants? Is re-pricing on the horizon? How interested are you in bond funding? Carry out a health-check of your treasury portfolio and function then report options to your Board early in September.

For more information please contact Susan Kane on or 07870 685891

Recruitment and Interim management

Have you got the right skills and experience in your teams- that’s risk management, change management, complex development, asset management, strategic leadership?

If not where are you going to get them from?

Are you retaining your best people or are you at risk of losing them?

If you think you might be, what’s your reward and retention strategy look like?

How good are your training and development programmes?

For more information please contact or 07810 152840 or or 07806-602933.

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