Leading successfully through transition

Posted: 9th September 2016

hilary_channing-300As a Director at Altair I am delighted to be one of the leads on the Executive Resourcing, Talent Management and People Advisory streams.  Over the coming months we will be providing a range of enhanced services to complement those already being offered.

One of the key areas for organisations experiencing change, and particularly those navigating through mergers, is leading effectively through the transition and ensuring that the new leadership team has the skills, competencies and knowledge to drive the organisation forward.

The new leaders define the organisation’s capabilities and culture, and set the trajectory for the new organisation moving forward.  Consideration needs to be given to a range of issues before embarking on a leadership team selection process, but there are four key questions that are essential to consider at the very start.

1. What is your leadership model for the new organisation?

By defining the competencies, behaviours and attitudes and aligning these to the strategy, operating model and desired culture of the organisation, you provide a framework for evaluating and selecting your leadership team.  This ensures you capture the essence of the new organisation and ensures you don’t replicate the status quo. Be bold in your thinking about what the future will need.  While your leaders will need to set a clear direction, bring people with them and deliver results, they will also need to be transition leaders, culture navigators, value adders and business achievers….to name just a few personality traits.

2. How will you select the new leadership team?

Objective assessment is important and a methodical and well publicised approach will help allay fears and concerns over fairness and transparency, but this needs to be balanced with the opportunity for candidates to evidence how they meet the leadership model in terms of the interpersonal, cultural, transitional and behavioural requirements, and if the skills aren’t there, you will need to look for them externally.  Psychometric profiling questionnaires create an excellent way to draw strengths and blind spots, and assist in developing both successful and unsuccessful candidates moving forward.

3. When will you communicate the outcomes to the candidates and how?

Develop a leadership communications plan at the start. This means candidates, staff and stakeholders will have clarity on how decisions will be made and when they will be announced.  Stick to it!

4. What support will the new leadership have in place?

Even the most experienced leaders need support moving into a new leadership role and if they think they don’t, they may not be the right leader!  By supporting the new team with first 100 days coaching plans (individual and/or team based) can ensure that the new leadership embeds quickly.

For information on now how we can support the recruitment and development of a new leadership team call me in confidence on 07718 627740 or email hilary.channing@altairltd.co.uk

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