Associate Sustainability Consultant

Chris Twinn

Chris is a strategic sustainability adviser with more than 40 years’ experience in the design and construction of the built environment. Taking a ‘Total Design’ systemic approach integrating aspects that include planning & policy, architecture, engineering, building physics & economics. He is recognised as a world leader in this field. Meanwhile he continues his in-depth involvement in the practical design and delivery of fabric and systems for environmentally sensitive buildings.

Chris has demonstrated the ability to recognise the most appropriate combination of design, policy, and business approaches, drawing on his extensive experience of applying locally suitable solutions in many different markets around the world.

Much of his recent work has focused on how sustainability can cost less than business-as-usual, through a process of questioning conventional technical and institutional practises. A Smart building environment should need smaller & fewer systems and materials, so offering the opportunity to cost less as well as delivering more.

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